Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brighter Side of the Motherboard

Well, I haven't gotten that camera just yet, gimme about 12-13 more hours and it shall soon be mine and my unlimited stream of appauling content shall flood the internet! HaHa. The camera in quesion is the Dimage Xt, nice little camera, they say it's the "smallest digital camera in the world" I highly doubt it though. I gotta feel this thing first.

Anyways, here's what's been going on with me lately:

- Went to my mother's office recently and tried to look directly through the holes in her perforated CRT case
- Tried out some amazing freeware apps on the internet including GIMP, WInamp, Quicktime 7, and the new Google Talk. I swear that in a few years, Google is going to make a new OS, kinda like Linux.
- Currently writing a digital camera buyers guide so that those professional reviewers on the internet don't frustrate newbies like they frustrated me
- Watching my Principles Of Business SBA and my Math and Physics summer assignment and grinding my teeth. i'll get around to it eventually. hopefully before Thursday.
- Downloaded some slows from Nazareth (Love Hurts), Micheal bolton, Celine Dion, Lucida Di Larmemoor and Peter Gabriel. Not that i'm gay, but I was just in that mood today.
- Realised that 56K internet bites ass
- Contemplating writing a review for GIMP. I tell you this thing is amazing! And the best part is it's free! lemme tell you about it.

I needed to edit some pics today so I tried to download Photoshop 7 - 167MB (12hrs on a 56K), Photoshop CS2 (365MB - 2 Days on a 56K), Photoshop Elements 2.0 (68MB - 5hrs on a 56K). I got frustrated so I scowered the internet for "Free Photoshop Alternatives ". I came accross GIMP in Cat's Clicks, a segment from the TechTV classic, Call For Help. I trusted Cat's reviews and seeing that GIMP was a download I cancelled so many times before, I decided to finally let it run through. When I downloaded it, it told me that I needed GTK or something. I was about to uninstall it because those addon packs are usually where it burns the bandwith, but being so desparate, I downloaded it anyway (only 3MB byt he way). I started up GIMP and ever since then, I haven't been able to close it down.

The program is amazing, offering nearly all of the things you can do in Photoshop, for free! I would recommend GIMP to anybody and I would advise that you people living in the states donate to the guys who developed it. Buy a T-Shirt or something. I can't because of my age and location and financial limitations.

::Musical Interlude::

I don't know what more you want for free
But this app gets the 5 stars outta me
No Photoshop, Paint Shop or a fee
it's the one and only G-I-M-P!

::Boy was that embarassing::

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