Friday, November 30, 2012

Fixing a Problem

Problems. They're everywhere, especially in my country. They range from simple annoyances to huge socio-economic issues that will take a large amount of effort, money and divine intervention to cure.

As humongous or diminutive as problems might be I believe that the solutions to them come about by chipping away at the issue in a very incremental manner. It just takes time and a fair amount of consistency, but eventually the problem will dissolve.

But what about this case - what do you do in a case where the solution to the problem is so simple, yet the people for whom you are solving the problem are too paranoid and distrusting for them to even dip their toe in the solution unless they see someone else drinking the proverbial Kool-Aid first? What do you do then? What becomes of the problem? Can it still be classified as a problem since nobody seems to want it solved or everybody balks at the presented solution?

There is a culture in my country that says no solution (or product in a general sense of the word) is any good unless millions have been spent in creating it is presented with lavish press conferences and promotional campaigns. I honestly find this highly annoying and it shows where we are as a people in terms of our mental development.

I'm daring to change that culture and see if I can bring my country even one step closer to the 21st century. That's why I'm challenging myself to fix a problem that plagues everyone in my country, and i'm going to fix it with a budget of $20USD and I want to see how my countrymen react to it. It's going to be practical, free and simple to use. Let's see how it goes.