Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can Anybody Explain?

You know, comin to think of it, most of what happens around us, what we do and say do not make one bit of sense whatsoever!

Ok take singing boys for example. We admit to a girl that we could/do sing and that sets off the fag alarm but one white kid with bleached, blonde hair who hasn't even had his balls dropped yet or his voice broken gets up on stage and sings like a bitch and all the girls go crazy! What's with that? Can anybody explain?

The next thing is the boy bands - good lord I haven't come across more crap in my life! What is with you teenage girls (and gay boys)? Ok, if a me and a bunch of my friends decide to wear pink shirts and do a synchronised dance at a party, everybody will call us the new village people. Some other group of saps do it and the girls go crazy!

I know that it can't be because they're "so hot" or "sooo dreamy" because our local boy band consists of the following: One of the guys used to work at my school library and the others I saw liming on the block a few streets down from my grandparent's house. Now before they sang their song they were considered "alright" or a 5 out of 10 but after the "Surge" craze, the whole teen girl population went ape shit. Jumpin Jammy lammy on a frickin' stick! The girls dowh here went crazy!

Is it the fame, is it the power they posess of wearing homosexual clothes and not be considered gay or is it the fact that people just have a string of DNA that makes it a pleasurable experience to wear other people's sweaty clothes or pay plenty to see people dance? I don't know, can anybody explain?

Last but not least is the saying "a different kettle of fish" who the hell pust fish in a kettle?

Thank you.

Monday, July 24, 2006

A Little Too Graphic Do You Think?

After a brief conversation with one of my associates about my last post, it has come to my attention that alot of people find that I am a very dangerous, psychotic individual of sorts. To those people, I extend a warm hand of friendship and reconciliation as I move ever so closer to your trembling ear to whisper a single word that will put an end to your "Dark Kevin" paranoia. And the magic word is... Magnification....

You see, when i'm in a certain mood whether it be angry, frustrated etc. I tend to release my anger not by beating somebody to death with a 12" lead pipe, but to hit the keys on my keyboard really hard while letting the anger trickle out of my brain, along the 10 rivers that are my fingers and finally manifest itself in the open arms of the sea of unison that is my keyboard and the computer screen. In other words, the views expressed are all exaggerated, magnifed projections of my mood at the time.

It's like when one of those female artists paint a dark picture of some guy getting his balls chopped off because her boyfriend left her or it's like when Alanis Morsette writes a song. All these are mediums for expressing one's self and i'd be damned if i'm being chastised for using the internet as mine. Well actually that's not worth getting damned for but still...

So the next time you read a dark post written by me, just shake your head and say "There he goes again" and let it slide. there's a scroll bar on the right hand side of your screen, use it!

Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Typical Day.. Full of Stress!

Ah my dear blog, I am worn. I have just finished the sript rewrite and currently in the process of doing some rather half-assed character sketches to give these actors a personality to try to immitate. My dar blog, for all this torture, it is imperitive that my movie be a blockbuster hit.

Between not getting enough sleep and going to the gym, i'm yet to find a reason why I should have any energy left to do this shit at this ungodly hour.

What haunts my thoughts right now is that my work is far from done and I have a full, hectic day tomorrow. A haircut, conference at movie towne, character sketches to finish and a party to attend with people to pick up for a certain time are all on the agenda for tomorrow. The stress continues till Sunday afternoon when I might finally be able to catch a little shut-eye.

Here are some pictures of what I was doing a little earlier.

My home office where I slave alll day making the slop you want to read. Posted by Picasa

Me slaving over the Movie Script. The place was so hot, I had to take of my jersey! Pants barely on my waist, hair in need of grooming - i'm a real mess right now. Posted by Picasa

Monday, July 17, 2006

Jus Jibbin

Ah, well, finally! A day worth remembering. A day I enjoyed and it's all due to my three favorite letters in the alphabet DSL.

Now to you Americans and foreign visitors I probably sound like a bush monkey but in Trinidad, a service like this is expensive and not affordable to the general public - only to the high powered executives and privilaged kids. But who gives a shit? I bet you want to hear about my day, don't you?

Anyway, my friend Jabari came over. We surfed the net, downloaded some music *leagally from iTunes of course*, talked som crap, viewed a few Hi5 profiles, added some girls and in general did stuff that guys susally do when they limin. Though subtle, and sounding boring It was a nice change from the ordinary though.

The following pictures and the one above were taken today...

Posted by Picasa

Eating a piece of cake like a moms pie. It real hard to break the QRC spirit boy! Posted by Picasa

Us watching the GTA: LCS review on Posted by Picasa

Me getting frustrated looking for a piece of software to "buy" from Kazaa lol Posted by Picasa

Sunday, July 16, 2006

It Is Done!

Ah my dear blog, after hours of torture, sweat and headaches I have finally completed it! The website update is now complete.

The new tone of the website makes for a more relaxed, personal experience that many people my age wcould deal with (in other words, i had to drop my standards a bit). From the one review that I received so far, it seems that I did a good job. The only thing left to beef up now is you! I'll add some pictures maybe tomorrow or the day after, I can't find the really interesting stuff now.

The movie that i spoke about shoting is really becomming a bother to me. Restrictions of my ADSL line forbid me from using certain P2P programs that I love. The only program that I can use is LimeWire and that has some law against copyright infringement. What's up with that? A P2P program with morals? That's like a rapist who uses condoms!

Right now I just want to chill out and listen to some tunes on my phone... or maybe download some more (DSL kicks ass!)

Until the morn. my dear blog.

Friday, July 14, 2006

Yay! I'm back!

Yes people of the internet, I have once again returned to scorch your surfing experience with my presence! My ADSL line is working perfectly and I feel like i'm the king of the world.

So long has it been since I've driven on the information super highway without once glancing at my fuel meter, hoping that I don't run out of the precious gasoline that was the 20 hours of my monthly internet rental. Now I have a 24 hour dedicated line. The only time you'll miss me now is when i'm sleeping or away shooting my movie.

Yes it's true, i'm currently working on Minimum Pleasure, a short action film inspired by Max Payne and GTA. I'm the writer, producer, director and main character, so my portion of work is large to say the least. So far we've had a few meetings and our fair share of set-backs but i'm willing to press on because this is going to cement my name in the hallowed internet hall of fame.

The beasts that were Mr. Knights and my CXC examinations have been laid to rest on June 12th 2006. With the final shading of option B in my Spanish multiple choice, I rose up , shook my chains of mental slavery and began to piece my life back together, live it to the fullest.

it feels nice to run back to the loving arms and the itemless face of the MSN messenger guy and see all my friends, trembling with joy, ready to make the bottom of my screen flash blue and play that annoying sound clip that drives me so crazy.

I shall update you tomorrow my dear sweeet blog with pictures of the summer's happenings. Good night and a pleasant tomorrow.