Friday, August 12, 2005

Up Late

Up very late and i'm just finishing this new web site. I've decided to sever all ties with the Freewebs and SaveFile hosts and combine the services of Atspace, Yahoo and Imagecave. They seem to be doing a better job. Yeah it's three different addresses I'll have to remember but it'll pay off in the long run.

I just sent the inform email to my friends and i'm waiting for results. Geese, it's really hard to get support from these guys sometimes, especially if it's something that we don't share the same liking for. i'd be lying if I said all of them, my friends Justin (Solo), Nikoli, Sophia, Rondell, Adanna and Gabriel are always suppportive. Rain or shine you can always find them there, cheering me on. Shit like that makes me want to continue what I do, it gives me inspiration.

The above mentioned people are who I would call my brothers and sisters.

Everytime I get one job done, I begin thinking of the next, even if the next job isn't neccessary, thus the title Always Thinking. Right now I'm thinking of doing over all the pages using the Web Page Maker v2 program. We'll see later when I get up.
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