Sunday, March 29, 2009

Forever and Never

When the day is gone, when darkness shrouds as twilight crawls across the sky, it's nice to have thoughts of someone special flood your mind. Just the very thought of that person creates an eternal day within you, with them as your sun.

I come home from a day in which work was my master and pain was my portion. Academia, it's a cruel mistress of sacrifice. I throw my belongings on the chair, my shirt drapes the arm rest, I sit, I close my eyes and there she is; my angel, my desire... my love.

I think back to the last time we were in the trance of each other's company...

Seeing is believing and in seeing her on that dream-like afternoon, I believed that everything in my world was going to be alright... for at least the next six hours.

I skipped from acquaintance to acquisition; the point in the evening when we found solace and we were all there was left in the world. I looked into her eyes, all I could see was forever - a universe of stars, promises, peace and comfort.

I see her face - a true work of art mounted on the easel of pulchritude that is her body, carved from the stone of refinement by God's angels of allure. Her lips, oh her perfect lips, moist and warm on every kiss - residue from the waters of the fountain of happiness.

I reach over to hug her; her body is soft and warm to the touch. The heat is mirrored in mine. My arms find their way around her, they know the path, I’ve been here before... in my dreams. The embrace is smouldering, her breath upon my neck, and my cheek against hers. The fire can burn us both, but it's ok - as the fire rages between us my troubles are reduced to chaff and cauterized into non-existence, this is one of the few times in my life where I can say I am purely me, exposed and absolute. The inferno rages as the shackles of my fears evanesce and I am light and soluble. We melt into each other, the bond would unbreakable save for the axe of time.

We seize the moment. We engage in a kiss. Rainclouds spit forth lightning bolts of jealousy; lightening reaches down from the heavens with needy desperation to be nigh over our shoulders to learn of that which rivals its electric charge.

I'm electrocuted, jolted by her kiss and kept warm by her embrace until the gongs of expired time ring out in a frequency that energizes our electrons of love and breaks our bonds once again - we are rent one from another without mercy.

I open my eyes and the fantasy that was once lived comes to an end and I am filled with explosive acerbity as I realize that she is no longer in my arms and I must face another day without her. Just then I feel like throwing it all away if it would mean me being able to spend every waking moment with her.

I can't take this distance!! The gap is too large for me to clear, my love. The cruel bridge keeper refuses to release the bridge of time to let me come across to you. But I will forever keep you in my mind and heart. I will forever be with you, my love, my angel, my newest found reason for change.

I will forever have you, in my thoughts and dreams... always, forever and never.