Tuesday, July 14, 2009

He's Not So Tough

Ok i'm kidding, if were this tough I wouldn't have gotten beaten up yesterday :'(

Friday, July 10, 2009

Taken straight from the intro to Vybz Kartel's "Badda Dan Dem", the title is both relevant to this entry and solid proof that I do in fact listen to music other than Riot Radio from The Dead 60's or We Had Love from The Scientists.

I say the title is relevant to this entry because this is just one of those entries where the words glaze your eyes and sentences form leashes that choke your mind in bordeom/entertainment/utter despise for yours truly or an overwhelming sense of WTF. It's one of those entries that are anagulous to director's notes to the director of photography on the movie of my life. Yes I just used the very cliched expression "My life is like a movie" only i'll add to the end of that expression, "that is constantly being raped by Hollywood".

I can't really complain about the current state of things you know, but I would say that things are a little...bland these days. No explosions, no chases or elaborate fight sequences, just one of those scenes where two characters sit in a diner and have a discussion that serves to move the plot forward and give you an opportunity to make out with your girlfriend/horner woman of choice.

If it's one thing that HAS been distubring me however is my near complete lack of social interaction. It's just school, home, church (not as often :( ) and the only people I interact with are the people who are in one of those places. It's like i'm stuck in one medium sized, steel bubble of repitition.

I don't even update my facebook status or sign on to MSN messenger any more. I'm going a.w/o.l. in a lot of people's books and a select few have expressed their curiousity and concern for my wellbeing/whereabouts, and when i'm questioned about my ghostly presence as of late, it's always the same, tired excuse - school.

Now mind you, I know that school does this to people (isolate them from the fun of life) TO AN EXTENT, and even though school is no bed of roses (more like thumb tacks with serrated edges as a mattr of fact) it's only natural and expected that I find a balance between the two social spheres - hell/school and social life.

This habbit i'm developing is serious cause for concern. I could imagine my married life (if/when i decide to do so) - i'm in the study room curled up next to the warm glow of a Netbeans project while my wife, she is awake, cuddling with demons of zero satisfaction. Not a pretty picture when you come think about it.

So I guess the reason the movie of my life is so boring right now is because me, the writer/director, has made it so through plot concentration on an arid topic. I think it's time I up the screenplay a little bit, dash on the colours of drama (and maybe even throw in a few *** scenes) to make this film pop. Though I think i'll have to check with the studio execs on the last one :D :P.

Who knows, maybe i'll sign in to facebook more and appear online, (same with messenger), dial other numbers than the ones that start with 633, 725, 627, 730 or dare I say 759 :O. Maybe i'll go a party or two, make a new friend from off the street and maybe even make friends with an old girlfriend or two (apparently that's the thing to do these days). So we'll see what can bake from all this shakin'

Now, I bet the only long-winded question on your mind is "who the hell do you think you are to think that I am even .00000001% interested in reading all this stuff about YOUR pathetic life?" to which I employ the use of my almost prerecorded response - "dude, it's 3 in the morning. Go get laid."

Thank you!

What's that you say Glassfish? Data doesn't match column count at row 1?

The pic says it all