Thursday, August 11, 2005

White man in South Central

I live in Trinidad right, it's a nice country except for the rampant crime but anywho, me and my buddy justin seem to be the only people in this whole country who watch G4TV. You ask anybody on the street what version of DirectX they have and they'll say "What's that? Do you mean Direct XXX?"

We are really like white men in South Central - most likely to get shot because people don't really know what we're about.

We are the only kids down here who know VB6, watched G-Phoria, can mod a PS2 and can still get it poppin with the ladies.

Oh and just for you people who created Malibu Passion fruit rum:

1. We caribbeans DO take life as seriously as the rest of the world
2. Nobody down here is named "Hercules"
3. We do not have chickens and other wildlife running round in our living rooms
4. We know about benzes and shit, most of us have them
5. We have paved roads
6. We do not look that greasy
7. Computers and basically everything you enjoy in the states is enjoyed down here besides snow, Circuit City, DSL and Micheal Jackson.
8. We get up every morning at 6 AM to go to our jobs in a normal office. We do not have street parties and dance along to Destra every day.
9. Some of us are light skinned, like me as you will soon see when I get the digital camera.
10. We do not live on coconuts, dried bread and yard chickens alone.

That last bit had nothing to do with the rest of the post but it was on my chest for the longest while.
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