Tuesday, August 30, 2005

Brighter Side of the Motherboard

Well, I haven't gotten that camera just yet, gimme about 12-13 more hours and it shall soon be mine and my unlimited stream of appauling content shall flood the internet! HaHa. The camera in quesion is the Dimage Xt, nice little camera, they say it's the "smallest digital camera in the world" I highly doubt it though. I gotta feel this thing first.

Anyways, here's what's been going on with me lately:

- Went to my mother's office recently and tried to look directly through the holes in her perforated CRT case
- Tried out some amazing freeware apps on the internet including GIMP, WInamp, Quicktime 7, and the new Google Talk. I swear that in a few years, Google is going to make a new OS, kinda like Linux.
- Currently writing a digital camera buyers guide so that those professional reviewers on the internet don't frustrate newbies like they frustrated me
- Watching my Principles Of Business SBA and my Math and Physics summer assignment and grinding my teeth. i'll get around to it eventually. hopefully before Thursday.
- Downloaded some slows from Nazareth (Love Hurts), Micheal bolton, Celine Dion, Lucida Di Larmemoor and Peter Gabriel. Not that i'm gay, but I was just in that mood today.
- Realised that 56K internet bites ass
- Contemplating writing a review for GIMP. I tell you this thing is amazing! And the best part is it's free! lemme tell you about it.

I needed to edit some pics today so I tried to download Photoshop 7 - 167MB (12hrs on a 56K), Photoshop CS2 (365MB - 2 Days on a 56K), Photoshop Elements 2.0 (68MB - 5hrs on a 56K). I got frustrated so I scowered the internet for "Free Photoshop Alternatives ". I came accross GIMP in Cat's Clicks, a segment from the TechTV classic, Call For Help. I trusted Cat's reviews and seeing that GIMP was a download I cancelled so many times before, I decided to finally let it run through. When I downloaded it, it told me that I needed GTK or something. I was about to uninstall it because those addon packs are usually where it burns the bandwith, but being so desparate, I downloaded it anyway (only 3MB byt he way). I started up GIMP and ever since then, I haven't been able to close it down.

The program is amazing, offering nearly all of the things you can do in Photoshop, for free! I would recommend GIMP to anybody and I would advise that you people living in the states donate to the guys who developed it. Buy a T-Shirt or something. I can't because of my age and location and financial limitations.

::Musical Interlude::

I don't know what more you want for free
But this app gets the 5 stars outta me
No Photoshop, Paint Shop or a fee
it's the one and only G-I-M-P!

::Boy was that embarassing::

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Money, Money, Money Troubles

Getting into the whole computer/technology scene is a decision that should only be made by the rich and famous. video card this, RAM that, CPU here, megapixels there - it all comes flying at you in a blob of temptation.

All this would have been OK if I hade some serious paper to back me up but as it is, I'm 16, unemployed, living at home with my mother and have an allowance of $0 (except when I need to go out). I certainly can't afford a $600 US graphics card or a $700 US camcorder, I want the epople at nVidia or at Sony to give me a break, be willing to incur a loss for me. I say that they give me the latest and the best products that they have out now for a nominal fee (around $10 US). A bit rediculous, but that's just how bad I want these things.

My eyes fill with water as I see the requirements for gaming on the PC next year. It's going to blow a hole in my pocket. Not to mention the PS3, WOW! I'm not even going to ask my mother for the bread, she has it hard already. My best bet is to get a job next year and invest the salary in the things I want the most.

If it's one thing i've been asking God for lately, besides good health and strength, is to win some contest like the Digital Digs sweepstakes thing, or a $10 000 prize or something. I will immediately fall to my knees and praise Him, then I would make my way to Newegg to buy my heart's desire.

But until that miracle happens, i'm going to sit back and enjoy the blessings that he's bestowed upon me.

Sunday, August 21, 2005

Settling Down at 16

If the title was enough to make you read this entry, then you and I are on the same train of thought (or are we?) Anyway, the title of this entry is the opinion of one of my friends. See, he's got this girl, a nice braud, I would bang her (just kidding) and the two of them, I have to admit, they're a nice couple. They both admit being in love with each other. That I could understand. Here's where they took it too far:
Oh, this is the blog entry and a comment I made: Welcome to my world

He said that he wants to "settle down" with this one. I immediately went into "protect best fiend from making stupid decisions" mode. Now correct me if i'm wrong, but isn't it a little too soon to be "settling down" with somebody? Obviously he's been brainwashed by Boy Meets World. Love I could handle, but settling down?! Come on man!

I really did try to desuade him, I did, but he won't hear it. He goes on to tell me about how he heard voices telling him to continue his way of thinking, and how people of Israel lived with 13 wives for hundreds of years and shit like that. I understand that love's playing tricks with his minds. The love bug that bit him was probably the size of my aunt CT's ass, had sharp teeth and fangs that injected ferromones directly into your brain.

This guy's my real homie, my brother and I don't mean to dis him like that, but the nigga's crazy. Just because you got over a few obstacles in a relationship, that doesn't mean that they're the one for you, your soulmate. It simply means that you two are mature thinking people who can work out differences without calling each other names and running to tell mommy.

I've been in love before, take Kesha for example. I loved that girl, we had our arguments, we both thought that it would last forever until one day feelings changed, she dumped me for no reason, actually she gave a reason but I was too busy watching X-Play to listen, anyway, that just goes to show how life is funny.

He won't see it that way though, I understand what he's going through, so here's the metaphor for what i'm going to do.

I'm going to take a car with him in it and drive at 200Km/h in the wrong lane, I'll let him hold the wheel with what little driving experience he knows and watch him collide with an oncoming MACK truck, and right before the collision, i'll pull his astral self from out of the car and let him watch himself fly through the windshield and grate his face up on this rough road of life. Then i'll turn to him and say, "I told you so."

Friday, August 19, 2005

What Adam wears????

what.adam.sessler.wore You tell me that i'm a TechTV freak? This person went through all the trouble of getting a TV tuner, extracting images and posting it to their site. Images of what you ask? IMAGES OF WHAT SESSLER WEARS EVERYDAY!!!

People, this is sad, but I understand the mind of a bleeding heart TechTV fan.

Thursday, August 18, 2005

Possible Turnaround?

In my life, things have NEVER seemed to go my way. Somehow everytime I plan something, some twisted turn of events occour and blow everything to shit. I don't know, is it a curse? Is it written somewhere that Kevin Sheppard must never have what he wants, no matter how small?

Take for example my mom. I love her to death, God knows I do, but lately it's been getting very hard to saw that sentence. She always promises things she can't deliver. Ever since I was a little boy, she would promise certain things that I know she just won't do or get for me. Even till today this remains the case, but it's getting worse. I dosen't help that my father isn't around to lend a helping hand when needed. This string of constant let-downs does take a psycological toll on a person, I know that it has on me. I can't pinpoint exactly what my problem is, but I do know that I have one... But that's off-topic though.

This entry is about one of the things that I see turning around - My website. This might seem like nothing to other people, but to me this is a way of life. I got my first stellar review from my friend Christine today, she said it was "off the hook". I can't tell you how my face lit up when I heard her say that. The message boards are generating a little more posts (nothing big though) but little by little I can see it building.

New flyers are in the works for the site, but that's going to have to take place tomorrow because right now, I'm not in the mood.

And another thing.... MARTIN SARGENT IS COMING BACK TO TECHTV!!!!!!!!! This has to be the greatest turnaround ever. Ever since he was taken away from me, I was never the same again. Oh, this is who i'm talking about. ->

My life is almost complete.

Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Yet Another Day

Yet another day has gone by oh so slowly.

- The site is almost completely revamped so its a little bit of stress off my mind.
- My friend from my primary school decided to let me bocome an affiliate on his site and print out some flyers for my site so at least my site is going to get a little more publicity.
- While I was writing this, my friend Uttam (oo-tam) (top) turned 16. (look at him... wondering
where all those years went).

Right now, I'm thinking about how I'm going to run my new show (Kevin Sternum) when school opens. it's gonna be tight! Right now, with the options and tools I have available to me, the show sounds like a sure bust but things usually pull through. All I have is:

- Digital camera
- 3 Guests
- Empty Classrom
- 1 Cameraman
- Possible 6 person audience.

Nice start tools eh?

I also found out today that my math lessons with Mr. Knights have moved to Fridays and Saturdays. Do you know what it is like to get up on a Saturday morning to go and see that man?! When I found this out today, I felt like my mom told me that I had aids. I started to feel sick.

Sunday, August 14, 2005

Casual Friady Immitation

I was thinkin, what if I shortened the entries in my blog to small points just like how The Casual Friday owner does his, then I thought, maybe i'll do it like that when my day has more than 2 events in it. For now i'll just drag out the one exciting event that happened in my day, in an effort to make my life seem more intersting and complex.

Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pesky FWD:

Have you ever gotten one of those emails from your friends that has the subject line "FWD: ", and at the end of the email it says some rediculous crap like "you have been DEATHWISHED" or "Foward this to X amount of people and XXX will happen..."? Well in case you haven't, I have, I've been getting emails like that since I started using Hotmail 4 yrs ago! It gets really freaking annoying!

Every time I go to check my inbox because I see 42 new messages, I have to plough through endless chainletter after chainletter to get to my newsletters and actual funny messages. This is really hurtful, it's like getting spammed from your friends. I have a good mind to let my hotmail address fill up and give my gmail address to select people. Really select, like 2 people or something. I already updated my newsletter subscriptions to have my newsletters sent to my gmail instead.

Another ting that disturbs me is the above mentioned Deathwished line. What the hell is that really supposed to mean? Why the hell are you wishing death on me after a love chainletter.

People fail to realise that I am an experienced programmer and all around computer guy and that I know that an email message is nothing more that a set of characters and images. It can't control one shit in your life!!!! It will not make Halle Berry like you, it will not give you bad luck, it will not do anything besides waste your time.

In closing, if you got a funny email that you think is worth forwarding, do it, but if you get a chainletter, delete it. All it does is frustrate people like me.

Friday, August 12, 2005

It Was a Good Day

Last night my mom brought home some food for me to eat, it was good food except the rice was spoilt. I ate the rice anyway, boy, what a mistake.

I woke up this mornning at about 11:30 after going to bed about 4:30 so mistake #2, not enough sleep.
I brushed by teeth and headed straight for the computer, mistake #3 no breakfast.
5 mins into fixing up the content on my new site, I got a migrane, now I started to panic. I stopped working and I took a Panadine and a Syndol tablet to stop the pain. Mistake #4, Mixing medications.
By now the migrane was almost at its peak so I went to lie down and try to recover some hours of sleep to see if that would stop the headache. As I turned over on my stomach I felt a sharp pain in my diaphragm area (the stale rice was beginning to work its magic).

I put some bitters in hot water to see if that would move the gas. Being desparate for relief, I drank the mixture when it was still boiling and scorched the whole inside of my mouth. Mistake #5.

Kneeways, I put it in front of the fan to cool for a little while and then I drank it down, or so i thought. On my first mouthful's way down, it met some angry stomach muscles and came flying back up, some on my mother's carpet. This cycle continued until half the cup was empty. Finally my first long hard belch.

I threw away the rest and went to lie down. I slep for about 4 - 5 hrs.

When I woke up, I got an angry call from my mother saying that she was trying to get me all day and my phone was off (i also unplugged the phone in my bedroom). On top of that now, I had to go and get something to eat at Bos Burgers.

*************this is where the good day came in*************

The line was long, it was cold and it was about to rain. Right before I reached the counter some old man decided to order 5 large burgers and a large portion of fries. I could not help the long, dreary sigh that came from the depths of my empty somach. This meant that I would have to wait a hell-of-a-lot-of-time longer than I would have had to. How could you come to a fast food outlet on a crouded day and order a family meal? HOW???!!!! Rediculous assholes!!!!

I placed my order and waited for my number to call. My number was #25. #16 called, #23, #26, #27, #32... As I was about to ask back for my money, "#25" yelled the salesperson. I snatched the bag, handed her my chit and fled. On my way to catch a taxi back home, I realised that they got the orders mixed up, I got 2 large burgers with everything that I wanted on them! (instead of my 1 burger and a small portion of fries)

I said to myself "This is too good to be true! What a steal of a deal! What a bargain!" I scampered to the nearest taxi with a bright smile on my face, all the while looking back, making sure that none of the Bos Burger staff was coming looking for me. I satdown, still grinning at my achievement and then it happend. The maxi stopped to let out 2 old people and pick up a fat man right in front of Bos Burgers! I clenched my fists and hid behind the tinted glass so sthat none of the staff could see me (as if they would have realised that they mixed up an order already). Anyway, the maxi completed it passenger transaction and continued along its way.

When I was in clear distance of Bos Burgers, I stuck my face out the windows and whisperd "Today was a good day."

Up Late

Up very late and i'm just finishing this new web site. I've decided to sever all ties with the Freewebs and SaveFile hosts and combine the services of Atspace, Yahoo and Imagecave. They seem to be doing a better job. Yeah it's three different addresses I'll have to remember but it'll pay off in the long run.

I just sent the inform email to my friends and i'm waiting for results. Geese, it's really hard to get support from these guys sometimes, especially if it's something that we don't share the same liking for. i'd be lying if I said all of them, my friends Justin (Solo), Nikoli, Sophia, Rondell, Adanna and Gabriel are always suppportive. Rain or shine you can always find them there, cheering me on. Shit like that makes me want to continue what I do, it gives me inspiration.

The above mentioned people are who I would call my brothers and sisters.

Everytime I get one job done, I begin thinking of the next, even if the next job isn't neccessary, thus the title Always Thinking. Right now I'm thinking of doing over all the pages using the Web Page Maker v2 program. We'll see later when I get up.

Web Woes

Have you ever tried putting up a website and maintining it? It is by far one of the most stressful things you could ever do. Everytime you find a nice trial program, they always disable the feature you want the most or they come with some really lame effects and shit. Anyways, my new site is almost finished, just need a flash navigation bar. it's the same content, just with a new interface.

Another problem i'm facing is that i'm a fast typer and I could never seem to hold the Shift key down long enough to get a capital letter, so my name is alwas spelt like this: kevin. It really gets frustrating when I reach the end of an article and I realise that there are common letters everywhere, just like lumps of undissolved milk in your tea.

I finally got the message board with the "reply notification" feature, now all I need is traffic.

Thursday, August 11, 2005

White man in South Central

I live in Trinidad right, it's a nice country except for the rampant crime but anywho, me and my buddy justin seem to be the only people in this whole country who watch G4TV. You ask anybody on the street what version of DirectX they have and they'll say "What's that? Do you mean Direct XXX?"

We are really like white men in South Central - most likely to get shot because people don't really know what we're about.

We are the only kids down here who know VB6, watched G-Phoria, can mod a PS2 and can still get it poppin with the ladies.

Oh and just for you people who created Malibu Passion fruit rum:

1. We caribbeans DO take life as seriously as the rest of the world
2. Nobody down here is named "Hercules"
3. We do not have chickens and other wildlife running round in our living rooms
4. We know about benzes and shit, most of us have them
5. We have paved roads
6. We do not look that greasy
7. Computers and basically everything you enjoy in the states is enjoyed down here besides snow, Circuit City, DSL and Micheal Jackson.
8. We get up every morning at 6 AM to go to our jobs in a normal office. We do not have street parties and dance along to Destra every day.
9. Some of us are light skinned, like me as you will soon see when I get the digital camera.
10. We do not live on coconuts, dried bread and yard chickens alone.

That last bit had nothing to do with the rest of the post but it was on my chest for the longest while.

Stupid Saturdays

Geese! Getting a little nokie on the weekend is getting even harder, these girls are so picky and damn sensitive. I mean, the other day I was talking to this chick and I accidentally glanced down at her boobs for about 2 seconds and she called me a perv and walked away, what gives??!!

Anyways, when life gives you lemons, you chunk it up, stand tall and go play a little San Andreas with the "Hot Coffee" mod.

By the way, here's my website - http://www.dsheep.cjb.net