Sunday, October 16, 2005

Put a Sock in Your Mail Server!

I have a good mind to block all those idiots that keep flodding my inbox with all this crap - have a gander at some of these subjects:

"forward to 10 ppl or u r sick!"
"love, love"
"find the one you love"
"Join Multiply"
"I want to HIVE with you"
"love test"
"what a girl wants"
"how well do you know me"

People, the list sadly goes on. Anybody who knows my personality knows that I couldn't give a rats ass about all those things in the subject line. I just delete. I swear that the next time I receive one of those emails, I am going to send a reply message with so many obscenities that it'll make a sailor blush!

I tell you, These pests just don't learn! I talk to them gently with a cheery smile "Please don't send me those emails, they sort of take alot of time to go through and I really don't care for things relating to those topics. Please don't send me anymore" but no, they want me to bring out the beast! the want me to come up in their face and start screamin an' shit!

They'll get it... oooh, revenge shall be as sweet as sunshine...

Saturday, October 15, 2005

For I am Bored and Furious

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Well folks, it's yet another Saturday night and the above picture is where I am at the moment. You know my sis was telling me that she had a lot more fun in her teenage years than me, and even though I denied it at the time, it truly pains me to say that she was right.

It's a fucking Friday night people and this is where I am! Not at a friend's house, not at some lime, not at some party, not standing in front of move towne with my friends and gawking at ass, but I'm home, in my boxers, wearing a jersey which is making me feel very warm, in front of a hot LCD monitor chatting on MSN and writing in my blog. It's funny how things turn out for me - it's fuckin' hilarious.

I definitely have to stop this self-destructive way of life. I mean, yeah I go out and act like a 12-ton mackerel at parties, but that's how often? Right now my partner in crime is at a birthday party for some girl and I'm jealous beyond belief.

I am making a stern promise to myself -
I, Kevin Sheppard, will stop depending on my mom to drop me and pick me up at parties - I will find my way to and maybe from.
I will go to a party whenever one is available
I will work on getting back my "Bishops Hoe" status
I will get familiar with the class of 5C at Bishops
I shall be on the "must have" list for limes and not just the "party animals" list.
I will make my sister EAT HER WORDS!!!!

Friday, October 14, 2005

Another Week (not as bad as morning breath)

Well it's been another week in the life of a Diego Martian named Kevin. This week, I have to admit was not that bad.

Aside from the frequent examinations that we got as the teachers scrambled to get our marks in for mid-term, this past week has been sprinkled with a lot of "monkey shine" moments - some being a little more major than others.

For one thing, I spent A LOT of time with my dad. You know how long I haven't seen him?! it's good to have him back and providing alot of manly advice and discussing manly issues, unlike that "Lifetime lessons" crap my moms keeps feeding me whenever I had a problem with girls and whatnot. Among other things my father and I discussed were:

1. Micro technology and how it's changed from "macro technology"
2. Space travel and why only sick, retarded people want to got o the moon
3. Modern PC technology and how it changed since our windows 3.X machine
4. Atomic physics and why I can't seem to understand it fully. (I do now)
4. Girls and how to handle many of life's common predicaments.

At school was a more laid back scene though. We mostly discussed partying and how much we attempted to start studying for CXC. That brings me to another side point. Whenever you see me DO NOT ASK ME WHAT I THINK MY CXC RESULTS WILL BE LIKE. IT IS NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS!!!!

Moving on...

I recently got introduced to some family and I went to a lime of theirs on Saturday - it was goooood!!! Met a few new ppl there. Some I remember and speak to alot more than others. Not because they're annoying or anything, but because none of the other fellas could pull of looking that good in a short skirt like the other gir who was there. When I get a proper pic of her i'll show you what I mean.

There were many other events that happened during the week, some I can't remember right now which means that I should update this thign a little more often. Oh well... Monday is the start of another week closer to CXC and another day less that i'll have to wait for that birthday thing on Saturday.

Friday, October 07, 2005

A Day @ Home

This morning as i got up, I gazed upon some figures that I have not seen while lying in bed since the golden days of summer - 9:32 A.M. I was excused from school today due to an absent mother and a rediculously crowded taxi satnd.

But fear not, for the day was not wasted. I spend a substancial amount of time hacking away at atomic physics. Yes, the grizzly beast of atomic structure and nuclear fission/fusion was tamed by my superior intellect and a healthy serving of Supligen and boiled eggs. Along my difficult stay-at-home journey I was graced by text messages from numerous females including the previously mentioned "Katie".

As I sat in front of my computer during my free time, I researched phones of all shapes and sizes until I found the one I wanted, and then i relaized... "I can't afford this shit!". After that frustrating disappointment, I went on to look at other things that have been tickling my curiousity for the longest while:

- Paris Hilton video (What was so great about it?)
- Gamespy Emails (What do they have to tell me that's so important that they
have to email me every day?)
- Attack of The Show Emails (Same as above)
- X360 or PS3?
- Is anybody else out there complaining that maintaining a gaming pc is too expensive?
- GTA4 (Any new info.?)
- X '05 Event (I feel to curl up and cry because I just found out that I missed out alot of X360 coverage)

Oh and another thing 56K bites hard ass! Can you believe that I had to make it a PERSONAL F*ING PROJECT to view some SCREENSHOTS from Gamespy??????????!!!!!! It's rediculous! I can't even venture to the fleshy part of the internet to view the fruits of Adobe and the oh, so humorous video that the X-Play team puts forth. It makes me want to cry. Get DSL!!