Thursday, January 17, 2013

Today I Fed A Man

Walking in to my new neighbourhood convenience store, I caught a whisper of a beggar asking me for some change. I mostly ignored him and continued on.

While inside the store his voice ricocheted around the inside of my head like a vindictive stray bullet. I wrestled with logic and my humanity as I weighed the pros and cons of giving this beggar some money - if I give him cash he'll probably spend it on drugs, so maybe I should default and give him some food instead.

By the time I came to this conclusion I was already out the store, groceries in hand.

I saw him looking at me expectantly, all the while counting up some singles and fives; his day's take I guess.

To put an end to this absurdly long thought process I just reached into my pocket and handed him two of the singles that happened to be in there. He accepted it graciously.

A few minutes later, my short term memory kicked back in and reminded me that I needed some matches. There was a small parlour across the street,so there I headed to make my last purchase.

As I'm standing by the counter counting my pennies, up comes the beggar behind me and with the fives and singles he was counting, purchased a small loaf of bread, a snack and a drink. He then looked at me, the delight in his eyes shining through his bushy eyebrows, and said "thank you brother!"

At that point I swore I could feel the Holy Spirit smiling at me and nodding in approval. Best feeling I had all day knowing that I fed my saviour.