Friday, September 02, 2005

Things Lookin' Up

Well it's been eventful since my last post. Alot of emotional turnarounds and stuff happening. I finally got the camera after so long. I'm satisfied with what I got, it's an excellent camera but I sort of feel bad about how I nagged my mom to get it. I really did put alot of pressure on her for a $2000 gadget.

I didn't feel it so much when we were purchasing it, I more felt that way when we were driving home. She looked sort of "down" for the whole trip. Was it because of some personal trouble she's having? Or was it because of the sacrifices that went unappreciated to get the 2G's to pay for the cam? I fell like shit right about now. The most I could do at this point is treat her witht he love and respect that she deserves, and try to do well in my CXC exams next year so that I can get a good job and pitch in witht he financial help-out.

Another thing is that the camera can do some pretty decent video - the audio's kinda soft though but i'll find a workaround.

The website is doing pretty well, we've reached the 300 post thresh hold - pretty impressive huh?
Overall, I can't complain about things in my life right about now, and for that I thank the Lord.

This is me.
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