Saturday, August 13, 2005

Pesky FWD:

Have you ever gotten one of those emails from your friends that has the subject line "FWD: ", and at the end of the email it says some rediculous crap like "you have been DEATHWISHED" or "Foward this to X amount of people and XXX will happen..."? Well in case you haven't, I have, I've been getting emails like that since I started using Hotmail 4 yrs ago! It gets really freaking annoying!

Every time I go to check my inbox because I see 42 new messages, I have to plough through endless chainletter after chainletter to get to my newsletters and actual funny messages. This is really hurtful, it's like getting spammed from your friends. I have a good mind to let my hotmail address fill up and give my gmail address to select people. Really select, like 2 people or something. I already updated my newsletter subscriptions to have my newsletters sent to my gmail instead.

Another ting that disturbs me is the above mentioned Deathwished line. What the hell is that really supposed to mean? Why the hell are you wishing death on me after a love chainletter.

People fail to realise that I am an experienced programmer and all around computer guy and that I know that an email message is nothing more that a set of characters and images. It can't control one shit in your life!!!! It will not make Halle Berry like you, it will not give you bad luck, it will not do anything besides waste your time.

In closing, if you got a funny email that you think is worth forwarding, do it, but if you get a chainletter, delete it. All it does is frustrate people like me.
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