Saturday, December 22, 2007

Remember Me?

Wow, it's been a while since i've seen this page! Ah yes, the old blogger New Post editor - how ya been, old friend?

Well I can't tell you that life's not been interesting for the time that i've been MIA. It's been riddled with moments that a gravel-voiced narrator would have had something extremely profound to say.

Oh, how rude of me, I didn't even tell you what's been keeping me away. Well i'll tell you:

Three words U T T - and another one - Exams. Yes my dear readers, exams have been the hinderence to my creativity and the improper exercise routine that prevented me from flexing the old literary muscle.

Things have indeed been interesting while i've been busy "not reporting" to you. Let's see, um.. things with the wife are good (thank God), I made a short video that's been creating quite a lot of buzz among the thespian crowd which, in turn led me to the recruiting of a fully dedicated cast and crew for the Minimum Pleasure Finale. Trust me, these guys won't play around.. hell, they might even show up early for rehearsals. What else... well exams are over and my excitement is pretty much understood... and um.. that's pretty much it. I did go up on stage for Writer's Block though. I didn't get through to be one of the actual contestants but I was asked to put a little something together for an "Open mic" session that they had at the show. I put something together in about 5 or 10 mins and recited my piece (with much nervousness and fear) when the time came.

To say that the crowd didn't like it would be a lie, unfortunately to say that the crowd did like it would also be a lie. I dunno, I didn't really get time to go down there and ask "so did you like my piece?" but judging from the applause that I got at the end, I got the feeling that it was the "standard" applause package they gave me - you know, the kind of clapping that sounds like the crowd conspired to form a net to save you from the sharp rocks of embarrassment at the end of your long and fast fall of shame? Yeah, that kind of applause.

The response could have stemmed from a number of things - maybe it was because I didn't give a long or clear enough introduction; maybe it was because my hand was shaking like the last leaf on an autumn tree; or maybe it was because my piece was too profound (by too, I mean more than it needed to be) to be understood fully by the audience; or maybe it was the fact that I couldn't read the piece properly due to the lack of voice amplifying equipment. I had to shout the whole time! Aah, whatever... i'll get them next time. WHo knows? Maybe they did like it and i'm just being paranoid...

So anyway, that's my life up to this point and a brief run-through of the most significant event I can remember....

I really missed you guys while I was away. I promise i'll try to keep the updates regular as I'm on vacation. I might even have a few video surprises for you as well ;)

Hey it's December and I'm posting! That means I gotta do the obligatory well wishes of the commercial... uh.. I mean Christmas season (he, he). So Merry Christmas
From the DiegoDeviant to you and yours!

Stay frosty!