Monday, September 18, 2006

Back To Prison...

Well if you can't wear a spandex jumpsuit, what can you do? Avoiding going back to the gates of hell is definitely one of those things that you can't do while the spandex jumpsuit ban is in order. The best thing to do at this point is to grab your ankles and take it.

Yes you fine people of the Internet, I am officially off the progress bar monitor duty that was my vacation with lady DSL and once again I'm back in the mean hallways of a fine learning institution (at least so it says on the pamphlet).

As you probably know by now, I've graduated from the cesspool of fond memories, class wars and unconventional learning systems that was my dream school, Q.R.C. I've evolved, gone to a higher level and for my blatant relentless evolution I'm currently staring down the double-barrell of a 12 gauge shotgun that is the tertiary education phase (dun, dun, dun!)

The school I attend now is UTT (University of Trinidad and Tobago) and though they claim not to be a second rate UWI (University of the West Indies), I can't help but get that feeling of "little brother-ness" when traipsing throughout the compound, but what do I know right? I just started there!

The school is good with courses that will eventually lead you to your own personal holy grail of academic qualifications. Though focused more on the technical/engineering/science side, you hardly see short, glass wearing, pale-skinned library inhabitants with inhalers in their front pockets darting through the shaded areas of the courtyard hiding from the sun and trying to get to their classes on-time. Strange enough there are girls, some more attractive than others but i'll get into that later.

My peers this time are different - with only one person from my old school in my programme, picking a fight with the other kids may not be such a good idea especially since the other kids are not really kids but men/women in their twenties. I'm not here to pull rank tough, I'm here to learn and make friends and that's where this school shines.

The balanced mix of races and personalities makes for one hodgepodge of personal interactivity. You can come to school and find a platypus enthusiast if you look hard enough. Everybody is warm, friendly and helpful when direction or assistance is needed. The teachers aren't too bad either. When they teach, they TEACH. Some more than others and these few tend to over do the whole teach by example thing a little too much.

Take my math teacher for example, he apparently doesn't understand that after the 15th factorization question, we'd get the point of the whole topic, but he gives us 15 more "just for kicks". That sir, is sick. He knows what he's doing though....I suppose

All in all, they picked the creme of the crop for teachers and after each class you feel like you're closer to passing that specific subject with flying colors (90-100%).

All in all it doesn't seem that bad so far. Tertiary education is a serious issue and it helps if you have competent teachers, friendly peers and good working conditions; and as I said at the beginning, there's nothing much you can do but grab your ankles and take it, and according to my good friend Olivia, it's a lot less painful if you relax and take a deep breath from time to time. I'll take here advice, I'll take any advice to make my 5 years at this fine institution as quick and painless as possible.

Oh BTW, check out my Hi5 profile, browse the pics, add me as a friend if you want. Here's a preview of my Photoshop idleness, I told you I was a model...I wish. lol

Friday, September 08, 2006

Goin Postal on Yo' Narrow Ass!

*** WARNING ***
The following post contains images of a graphic and vile nature. please do not proceed unless you have a strong stomach. Needless to say, the following images are NOT SUITABLE FOR CHILDREN (individuals under the age of 17).

As proof that violent video games do in fact numb your mind, I have assembled the "sweet spot" images of the video game which I am currently playing. These pictures were taken using FRAPS.

Hung this lady upside down then took her head off with a shovel. She tried to kill me.

Diseased cow head. Throw it and let the disease spread throughout a crowd of enemies (or pedestrians)

How you get beef. There's a cow among all this blood...

Where they slaughter people to make "beef"

How you look when you die by burning to death.

Killed this OFFICER by blowing his head off with the SPAS 12 shotgun.
Another shovel death
Cat Silencer. Stick the muzzle of your gun up a cat's ass so that the cat's furry body may muffle the sound.
The first time I played this game, I nearly cried. Just to think that us humans can think of such devious ways to dispose of one another. The people that created this game (those who modeled the headless corpses, programmed the blood dynamics and enabled you to kick a decapitated head) are not people in an insane asylum. These are people just like you and me. Walking around and going to a regular office job. Just a lesson - the human mind is a disgusting place.
It does, however, make a good game though. After the shock value wears off, you'll be hosing ppl down with napalm in no time! At least it works for me...
Have a good night everyone, drive safely!

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Behold The Drunken Sheep! (Party Pictures)

** Update - due to the explicit nature of some of the pictures, the individuals in the said pictures have ordered a permenant removal from this website. Sorry guys, maybe next time :( **

They laughed when I asked for orange juice at the bar, but now they see my drunken fury!

The following pictures are a reminder of the Hardcore Limers party on Independence Night. The pictures are also a reminder that you don't need alcohol to behave like a drunken hooligan...