Friday, August 12, 2005

It Was a Good Day

Last night my mom brought home some food for me to eat, it was good food except the rice was spoilt. I ate the rice anyway, boy, what a mistake.

I woke up this mornning at about 11:30 after going to bed about 4:30 so mistake #2, not enough sleep.
I brushed by teeth and headed straight for the computer, mistake #3 no breakfast.
5 mins into fixing up the content on my new site, I got a migrane, now I started to panic. I stopped working and I took a Panadine and a Syndol tablet to stop the pain. Mistake #4, Mixing medications.
By now the migrane was almost at its peak so I went to lie down and try to recover some hours of sleep to see if that would stop the headache. As I turned over on my stomach I felt a sharp pain in my diaphragm area (the stale rice was beginning to work its magic).

I put some bitters in hot water to see if that would move the gas. Being desparate for relief, I drank the mixture when it was still boiling and scorched the whole inside of my mouth. Mistake #5.

Kneeways, I put it in front of the fan to cool for a little while and then I drank it down, or so i thought. On my first mouthful's way down, it met some angry stomach muscles and came flying back up, some on my mother's carpet. This cycle continued until half the cup was empty. Finally my first long hard belch.

I threw away the rest and went to lie down. I slep for about 4 - 5 hrs.

When I woke up, I got an angry call from my mother saying that she was trying to get me all day and my phone was off (i also unplugged the phone in my bedroom). On top of that now, I had to go and get something to eat at Bos Burgers.

*************this is where the good day came in*************

The line was long, it was cold and it was about to rain. Right before I reached the counter some old man decided to order 5 large burgers and a large portion of fries. I could not help the long, dreary sigh that came from the depths of my empty somach. This meant that I would have to wait a hell-of-a-lot-of-time longer than I would have had to. How could you come to a fast food outlet on a crouded day and order a family meal? HOW???!!!! Rediculous assholes!!!!

I placed my order and waited for my number to call. My number was #25. #16 called, #23, #26, #27, #32... As I was about to ask back for my money, "#25" yelled the salesperson. I snatched the bag, handed her my chit and fled. On my way to catch a taxi back home, I realised that they got the orders mixed up, I got 2 large burgers with everything that I wanted on them! (instead of my 1 burger and a small portion of fries)

I said to myself "This is too good to be true! What a steal of a deal! What a bargain!" I scampered to the nearest taxi with a bright smile on my face, all the while looking back, making sure that none of the Bos Burger staff was coming looking for me. I satdown, still grinning at my achievement and then it happend. The maxi stopped to let out 2 old people and pick up a fat man right in front of Bos Burgers! I clenched my fists and hid behind the tinted glass so sthat none of the staff could see me (as if they would have realised that they mixed up an order already). Anyway, the maxi completed it passenger transaction and continued along its way.

When I was in clear distance of Bos Burgers, I stuck my face out the windows and whisperd "Today was a good day."
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