Friday, May 19, 2006


Hey blog, so long since I posted to you last with substancial attention to detail. Now mind you that this post is not signalling my return to the blogging community just yet; it just signals that Hi5 is a dangerous place to put your gym progress pictures.

Now don't get me wrong, I respect people of all sexual orientations reguardless if people find that that view is wrong or not. Homosexuality sometimes comes about because of reasons beyond a person's control. I can't blame you for that. I'll speak to you like any other person but once you start trying to impose our sexuality on me, then we'll have a problem.... a huge one... like "shit from Godzilla's ass" huge.

Now i've been working out recently and putting little pictures of my progress on the internet and as I expected both guys and girls find it attractive and i'm cool with that but one mo' fo' found out my number somehow and has some asshole calling me and annoying the fuck out of my soul!

I swear I had to curse him kinda hard tonight. Now based on a certain statement made, he's probably mixed up with my sexuality even though I have "STRAIGHT" on my profile, but humans make mistakes. To his statement, I responded out of shock with a harsh and shrill phrase that I heard from a game once. I shudder to repeat it.

I'll give you more details some other time...

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Short but sweet

Well, with CXC exams barking up the ass, I find it hard to update my blog these days. For my loyal readers (all 3 of you) I wish to let you know that you could still contact me via Hi5 or my email

I'll be back blogging hard when my exams are over. lemme give you a hint - party pics, half-naked girls and sex scenes........ ok maybe not the sex scenes.

I'll be back summer 2006.