Thursday, August 18, 2005

Possible Turnaround?

In my life, things have NEVER seemed to go my way. Somehow everytime I plan something, some twisted turn of events occour and blow everything to shit. I don't know, is it a curse? Is it written somewhere that Kevin Sheppard must never have what he wants, no matter how small?

Take for example my mom. I love her to death, God knows I do, but lately it's been getting very hard to saw that sentence. She always promises things she can't deliver. Ever since I was a little boy, she would promise certain things that I know she just won't do or get for me. Even till today this remains the case, but it's getting worse. I dosen't help that my father isn't around to lend a helping hand when needed. This string of constant let-downs does take a psycological toll on a person, I know that it has on me. I can't pinpoint exactly what my problem is, but I do know that I have one... But that's off-topic though.

This entry is about one of the things that I see turning around - My website. This might seem like nothing to other people, but to me this is a way of life. I got my first stellar review from my friend Christine today, she said it was "off the hook". I can't tell you how my face lit up when I heard her say that. The message boards are generating a little more posts (nothing big though) but little by little I can see it building.

New flyers are in the works for the site, but that's going to have to take place tomorrow because right now, I'm not in the mood.

And another thing.... MARTIN SARGENT IS COMING BACK TO TECHTV!!!!!!!!! This has to be the greatest turnaround ever. Ever since he was taken away from me, I was never the same again. Oh, this is who i'm talking about. ->

My life is almost complete.
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