Saturday, July 29, 2006

Can Anybody Explain?

You know, comin to think of it, most of what happens around us, what we do and say do not make one bit of sense whatsoever!

Ok take singing boys for example. We admit to a girl that we could/do sing and that sets off the fag alarm but one white kid with bleached, blonde hair who hasn't even had his balls dropped yet or his voice broken gets up on stage and sings like a bitch and all the girls go crazy! What's with that? Can anybody explain?

The next thing is the boy bands - good lord I haven't come across more crap in my life! What is with you teenage girls (and gay boys)? Ok, if a me and a bunch of my friends decide to wear pink shirts and do a synchronised dance at a party, everybody will call us the new village people. Some other group of saps do it and the girls go crazy!

I know that it can't be because they're "so hot" or "sooo dreamy" because our local boy band consists of the following: One of the guys used to work at my school library and the others I saw liming on the block a few streets down from my grandparent's house. Now before they sang their song they were considered "alright" or a 5 out of 10 but after the "Surge" craze, the whole teen girl population went ape shit. Jumpin Jammy lammy on a frickin' stick! The girls dowh here went crazy!

Is it the fame, is it the power they posess of wearing homosexual clothes and not be considered gay or is it the fact that people just have a string of DNA that makes it a pleasurable experience to wear other people's sweaty clothes or pay plenty to see people dance? I don't know, can anybody explain?

Last but not least is the saying "a different kettle of fish" who the hell pust fish in a kettle?

Thank you.
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