Friday, July 21, 2006

Another Typical Day.. Full of Stress!

Ah my dear blog, I am worn. I have just finished the sript rewrite and currently in the process of doing some rather half-assed character sketches to give these actors a personality to try to immitate. My dar blog, for all this torture, it is imperitive that my movie be a blockbuster hit.

Between not getting enough sleep and going to the gym, i'm yet to find a reason why I should have any energy left to do this shit at this ungodly hour.

What haunts my thoughts right now is that my work is far from done and I have a full, hectic day tomorrow. A haircut, conference at movie towne, character sketches to finish and a party to attend with people to pick up for a certain time are all on the agenda for tomorrow. The stress continues till Sunday afternoon when I might finally be able to catch a little shut-eye.

Here are some pictures of what I was doing a little earlier.

My home office where I slave alll day making the slop you want to read. Posted by Picasa
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