Friday, July 14, 2006

Yay! I'm back!

Yes people of the internet, I have once again returned to scorch your surfing experience with my presence! My ADSL line is working perfectly and I feel like i'm the king of the world.

So long has it been since I've driven on the information super highway without once glancing at my fuel meter, hoping that I don't run out of the precious gasoline that was the 20 hours of my monthly internet rental. Now I have a 24 hour dedicated line. The only time you'll miss me now is when i'm sleeping or away shooting my movie.

Yes it's true, i'm currently working on Minimum Pleasure, a short action film inspired by Max Payne and GTA. I'm the writer, producer, director and main character, so my portion of work is large to say the least. So far we've had a few meetings and our fair share of set-backs but i'm willing to press on because this is going to cement my name in the hallowed internet hall of fame.

The beasts that were Mr. Knights and my CXC examinations have been laid to rest on June 12th 2006. With the final shading of option B in my Spanish multiple choice, I rose up , shook my chains of mental slavery and began to piece my life back together, live it to the fullest.

it feels nice to run back to the loving arms and the itemless face of the MSN messenger guy and see all my friends, trembling with joy, ready to make the bottom of my screen flash blue and play that annoying sound clip that drives me so crazy.

I shall update you tomorrow my dear sweeet blog with pictures of the summer's happenings. Good night and a pleasant tomorrow.
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