Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Movie Progress Update

Things in terms of the movie preps could be better but for the sake of the rest of cast members and the hard work that they're putting in so far and not to mention the good jobs they're doing and the sacrifices that they're making, I won't give a dragged out dreary review of the progress so far all because of one loose screw.

You see this certain cast member is like Cyberdine in T3 - it has become aware that we need itmore than anything so it is doing as it pleases. Showing up late, missing important meetings, hanging up on the director in the middle of a sentence and just blatantly not showig any sort of respect whatsoever. This cast member makes shooting hard as it has a very short fuse and is prone to storming out violently (quitting the project altogether).

Had it been a less significant character in a less significant role then it would have gotten an earful of hurtful phrases but for now i'll hold my tongue until it's alll over. This castmember was literally a bitch to work with but I know that all movie projects have seen their hardships. This is just my share. I turn to Kevin Smith's "Clerks" experience for inspiration and that keeps me focused and calm.

In terms of the other cast members, I have NO PROBLEMS WITH THEM AT ALL!! They all funcion like well-oiled machines. They might arrive a little late now and then but the point is - they arrive and they do one hell of a good job.

So... after a lengthy practice session today, me, Jabari and Justin took a walk to Justin's house to relax a little until my mom came to pick us up. Here are some pics: here

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