Sunday, July 16, 2006

It Is Done!

Ah my dear blog, after hours of torture, sweat and headaches I have finally completed it! The website update is now complete.

The new tone of the website makes for a more relaxed, personal experience that many people my age wcould deal with (in other words, i had to drop my standards a bit). From the one review that I received so far, it seems that I did a good job. The only thing left to beef up now is you! I'll add some pictures maybe tomorrow or the day after, I can't find the really interesting stuff now.

The movie that i spoke about shoting is really becomming a bother to me. Restrictions of my ADSL line forbid me from using certain P2P programs that I love. The only program that I can use is LimeWire and that has some law against copyright infringement. What's up with that? A P2P program with morals? That's like a rapist who uses condoms!

Right now I just want to chill out and listen to some tunes on my phone... or maybe download some more (DSL kicks ass!)

Until the morn. my dear blog.
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