Tuesday, August 29, 2006

The Result Is....Eat Me!!! (N.B. - Not directed to everybody I know... just an F.Y.I.)

Now as you all well know, the grizzly beast of a titan that was CXC has come and gone and in it's wake it has left broken souls on either sides of it path, the wailing and gnashing of teeth, the strong stench of sorrow and regret fills the air and it has initiated a nationwide battle for the Holy Grail of hard work and torture that is 6th form.

Thanks to the grace of God, I was spared that devious fate and I am proud to say that I am fortunate enough to be among my smiling friends, those that have achived those magic figures and letters that ignite the flames of joy in our parent's hearts.

I'm also glad to announce that those "magic numbers and letters" have knocked down a barrier and allowed me to progress to the next stage of my life. A stage where the failures and successes count for alot more than a pat on the back from one of your friends or wheather or not you get to go out this weekend. This is the stage where the path to success is a narrow, thorn-laiden tight-rope and the path to vagancy is wide walkway flowered with fauna bearing Playstation 2 games with roots made out of DSL wiring and soil made of LCD TV screens and monitors.

Like a moth with a mind of it's own, I must resist the allure of the flames of delinquency and trudge along the path which I have chosen, no matter how narrow and scarecly populated it may be.

Anyway, let's get on to the thing that pisses me off the most: I haven't seen you in practically a year, you don't reply to my emails/calls/messages, you don't speak to me online, you avoid me at parties and all of a sudden up pops your email address in a Messenger window and the first thing to come out of your stink, venomous mouth was "wha u get in ur results?" or "how was CXC, wah u get?". To these people, I raise the hugest, longest, juiciest middle finger you've ever seen and wave it in front of your flat, pug face!

As far as i'm concerned, you're dirt to me, a mere acquaintance and undeserving of such information. Damn it even those fucks from Hi5 want to know your business! And I mean, when you tell them that your results were good - they want to know what grades you got. You give them a vague answer and they want to know how much of what you got and in what subjects! I tell you, they're like friggin' sharks over here - hungry to know your damn bizz-nass!!!

What i'm trying to say is, once you know that we haven't been close friends or had any kind of close relationship, don't call my phone or make my taskbar flash orange so that I could hear your stupid voice in my head, starting a meaningless conversation where after speaking only two lines (and not giving me time to respond mind you) you cut to the same damn bleeding question that aggravates me so much!

Once more for the record...

What are my results? NONE OF YOUR FREAKIN' BUSINESS!!!!...

P.S. Eat Me!

Oh BTW, I have taken the advice of my colleagues and I have begun writing a book. It may only be 5 pages long, but its worth a read-thru. Out next yr...hopefully
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