Monday, August 14, 2006

Movie Progress Update pt. 2

Yesterday was the beginning of the filming process and things did not go as well as I expected them to. That's no reason to give the whole thing a bad review though, i'll lay out the good and the bad.

The Bad:

- We started 5 hours late
- Actors and crew members found that sahring jokes would make the time go by faster (it did... that was a bad thing)
- The scenes/chapters that we wanted to do, did not get properly done (mostly shot from one angle).
- Actors had to speak loudly, thus taking away from the authenticity of the moods. This was due to the lack of a "boom" microphone.
- Because we only had one camera, multi-angle shots were not possible.
- Lucy plans to go away soon therefore shooting of the missed scenes may not be possible over the vacation.
- I hadn't eaten in a long while therefore I was weak and felt a headache coming on, I think that that may have detracted from my already poor acting performance.
- The filming session served as more of a live practice session more than anything else b

The Good:

- All cast members showed up (not on time but they showed up anyway)
- We got our own Personal Assistant
- We got fed ( thanks tot he P.A.)
- Gore make-up was done extrememly well, even without the liquid latex.
- The hard-to-work-with cast member shocked all of us by cancelling an appointment she had. I was so frickin shocked!
- The host allowed us to stay as long as we needed (thanks aunty J.)

All in all, I see that all of the actors are willing to do the part that they were given. Everybody likes the script and so far I have received no type of resistance, in the sense that nobody has ever said "I'm not doing that!" Except for the stripper, but she'll come around to it. :p

Most of all, i'd like to thank my mom. All this time I was thinking that she just saw this project as a "little kids" playtime thing, but it seems that se really is interested in seeing this movie progressing. I mean, she drove for about 2 hrs in the Diego Martin traffic in the hot sun, jst to go and get some extension cords and tapes that we needed. That kinda thing just makes you want to go on. Seeing tha people would make sacrifices like that to help your cause.

Seeing that was like the hand of God, giving my inspiration a boost, making me want to see this project through till then end. Now that the sacrifices have been made and the time and money has been invested, I have no choice, I can't turn back now.

I admit that the movie wouldn't look like much when it's done or at least it won't look like how I planned it to be, but I think that this idea is a great one and it deserves to me treated as such. I'll work on selling the script or getting sponsorship to do the movie over or something but one way or the other, I will see this film thrive.
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