Friday, October 07, 2005

A Day @ Home

This morning as i got up, I gazed upon some figures that I have not seen while lying in bed since the golden days of summer - 9:32 A.M. I was excused from school today due to an absent mother and a rediculously crowded taxi satnd.

But fear not, for the day was not wasted. I spend a substancial amount of time hacking away at atomic physics. Yes, the grizzly beast of atomic structure and nuclear fission/fusion was tamed by my superior intellect and a healthy serving of Supligen and boiled eggs. Along my difficult stay-at-home journey I was graced by text messages from numerous females including the previously mentioned "Katie".

As I sat in front of my computer during my free time, I researched phones of all shapes and sizes until I found the one I wanted, and then i relaized... "I can't afford this shit!". After that frustrating disappointment, I went on to look at other things that have been tickling my curiousity for the longest while:

- Paris Hilton video (What was so great about it?)
- Gamespy Emails (What do they have to tell me that's so important that they
have to email me every day?)
- Attack of The Show Emails (Same as above)
- X360 or PS3?
- Is anybody else out there complaining that maintaining a gaming pc is too expensive?
- GTA4 (Any new info.?)
- X '05 Event (I feel to curl up and cry because I just found out that I missed out alot of X360 coverage)

Oh and another thing 56K bites hard ass! Can you believe that I had to make it a PERSONAL F*ING PROJECT to view some SCREENSHOTS from Gamespy??????????!!!!!! It's rediculous! I can't even venture to the fleshy part of the internet to view the fruits of Adobe and the oh, so humorous video that the X-Play team puts forth. It makes me want to cry. Get DSL!!

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