Sunday, October 16, 2005

Put a Sock in Your Mail Server!

I have a good mind to block all those idiots that keep flodding my inbox with all this crap - have a gander at some of these subjects:

"forward to 10 ppl or u r sick!"
"love, love"
"find the one you love"
"Join Multiply"
"I want to HIVE with you"
"love test"
"what a girl wants"
"how well do you know me"

People, the list sadly goes on. Anybody who knows my personality knows that I couldn't give a rats ass about all those things in the subject line. I just delete. I swear that the next time I receive one of those emails, I am going to send a reply message with so many obscenities that it'll make a sailor blush!

I tell you, These pests just don't learn! I talk to them gently with a cheery smile "Please don't send me those emails, they sort of take alot of time to go through and I really don't care for things relating to those topics. Please don't send me anymore" but no, they want me to bring out the beast! the want me to come up in their face and start screamin an' shit!

They'll get it... oooh, revenge shall be as sweet as sunshine...
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