Saturday, September 24, 2005

Scary-Ass Movies

Has anybody out there seen "the Exorcism of Emily Rose"? If you haven't, I suggest you don't go and see it. Certain parts of that movie will stick with you and torture you for quite a while, it really isn't funny!

It turns out that she was posessed by not one demon, but 5 + the devil himself! Also, I learned that "Nero" isn't just a name pulled out of a hat given to the burning program - it's some possesed being in the Bible. I think that I should uninstall it now.

I'm not a supersticious person, and anybody who knows me knows that I am a level-headed type of person who doesn't believe in "duens" and such, but when this movie comes out on DVD, don't rent it, don't borrow it, don't watch it in your homes - movies like that invite dark supernatural beings and forces into your homes. I DO NOT RECOMMEND WATCHING THIS MOVIE AT HOME!

If you can sleep well at night without feeling something (a presence) in the same room with you and you would like to continue to do so, then heed my words!
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