Saturday, October 15, 2005

For I am Bored and Furious

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Well folks, it's yet another Saturday night and the above picture is where I am at the moment. You know my sis was telling me that she had a lot more fun in her teenage years than me, and even though I denied it at the time, it truly pains me to say that she was right.

It's a fucking Friday night people and this is where I am! Not at a friend's house, not at some lime, not at some party, not standing in front of move towne with my friends and gawking at ass, but I'm home, in my boxers, wearing a jersey which is making me feel very warm, in front of a hot LCD monitor chatting on MSN and writing in my blog. It's funny how things turn out for me - it's fuckin' hilarious.

I definitely have to stop this self-destructive way of life. I mean, yeah I go out and act like a 12-ton mackerel at parties, but that's how often? Right now my partner in crime is at a birthday party for some girl and I'm jealous beyond belief.

I am making a stern promise to myself -
I, Kevin Sheppard, will stop depending on my mom to drop me and pick me up at parties - I will find my way to and maybe from.
I will go to a party whenever one is available
I will work on getting back my "Bishops Hoe" status
I will get familiar with the class of 5C at Bishops
I shall be on the "must have" list for limes and not just the "party animals" list.
I will make my sister EAT HER WORDS!!!!

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