Sunday, September 11, 2005

Back to School

The title of this post should not be back to "School", it should be "Back to the Smoking Hole of Torture". All of a sudden, the school tries to kill me. As soon as I step through the door to my new classroom, i'm greeted with generally disgruntled teachers and a wicked onslought of assignments.

My big CXC exam is right around the corner - literally, I can hear the thing laughing as it waits to jump out and rape me! For all you foreigners out there, CXC is an exam set up by dumb-ass caribbean folks. If you fail, you don't get a job. That's it in a nutshell.

But anyways, on a half dim note, it's intercol season again and the school spirit is rushing through my veins... or is that Feroglobin? Anyways, after a stirring speech and a loud wailing of the school chant headed by this guy, we all proceeded to the stadium to what I thought would be a losing battle. We won by the way! GO Q.R.C.!!!

Overall, my week was stressful and shitty. People refuse to get started shooting the movie (no fault of theirs though) and we hardly have time to work on the new album, plus I have Knights on a blood-clot Friday evening and a stinkin' Saturday mornin. My week was so stressful that I hardly had time to organise my room. Here's a peek at my dresser.

Lookin forward to next week!
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