Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Broke as a Mother F***

Yeah well I suppose the title of this post says it all. Damn, those bitches on the manufacturing and selling side of the fence just know how to siphon a nigga's money right out of his pocket.

It's like they lure you to the store with the pretty lights, and as you walk through the door your money some how comes alive and prances its way out of your pocket, roams the aisles and grabs stuff, put it in your hand, ushers you to the cashier's desk, jumps in the cash register which triggers the conveyor belt that pulls you (slowly but surely) right out the door and all this happens before you can greet the sales clerks.

Its ridiculous how I have money one moment, and none the next. The above explanation was the only way I could explain how I end up in these financial quandaries (and at the worst times too).

I have a grand total of $20 in my pocket, and this is before the launch of the PS3 and the beginning of the Holiday season when old female friends of mine seem to crawl out from every crab hole in the gutter to ask for a present. A present that if not presented could mean the end of my balls as I know it.

Just last week, I decided to buy an nVidia 7950 graphics card for $2 500, now I hear this week that the 8800 is going to blow that away (no really, it's gonna bend the 7950 over and deliver it!) and it sells for $425 USD. Yeah, it's just that easy to misspend $2500.

Why do they taunt me so?

My friend Willy on the other had (stone cold gangsta/hustler) knows how to make paper. The man sells the shit that'll make you flip! Gummy bears, Chinese mango, Cakes... the man is the king of this shit man!! If only UTT had such a vast buyers market for such things. Nigga, I'd be on the top. Then again, QRC is practically a drag mall; You can go to school and buy shoes if you're lucky. I wish I were still a student there though.

More on that last piece in the next post.

My eyes hurt and my head throbs. Please let me rest oh mighty Internet.

Pathos Verdes III
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