Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Wussup Party Peoples?

Now before you continue, don't get your hopes up expecting another riveting story from the book of jokes that is my life. This is just a post to let all of my fans out there (all three of you) know that I'm still alive, but barely breathing under this avalanche of work, commitments and (seemingly permanent) sexual frustration. Yeah, abstinence isn't as easy as it sounds. You try abstaining for 17 years!


Nothing really new or interesting happening here for now... Hmmm.... lemme think long and hard........ well.... there is this one girl who seems to have peeked my interest, but that's about all I can say about that....

Well I guess my life is as empty as my fridge and as lonely as my bed at night, which is pretty sad I must admit.

Still no sex, no girlfriend and no cheat codes to Splinter Cell to get me past this stink-ass jungle level.

Oh wait, there is a party on December the ninth that I hope to be going to.... there'll definitely be an update shortly after those festivities... I think...

Boring post isn't it?


Didn't I tell you that it would be? People still don't listen do they?!

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