Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Just Pics I Found...

comictot14vu7.gif (GIF Image, 279x416 pixels)

Too much viagra is always a good thing :)

This is a book cover for "The Rifleman"... Whatever kind of rifle it is, I don't want to get shot with it...

And you say how you find your iPod big...

For all of you who thought I was lying: Blaxx MP3 Player (The player is fine, but the name...) I think that Blaxx MP3 is a more suitable name than the afriPod for the "device" that the guy is sporting in the picture above.

Anyway, just a few things I came across while surfing the interweb (as my mom likes to call it). There's nothing really for me to put on the site these days, or at least nothing I can relate to you, my viewers, without some heat over on my yeah... bye.

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