Sunday, October 14, 2007

FInally... A Post We Can ALl Agree On!!

That's right! Minimum Pleasure Season 2 will be released some time soon. I advise that you search for and download and install the H.264, Divx and Xvid codecs for worry-free viewing.

This season will be a definite improvement on the last, but you're going to have to give me some time. It's a one-man crew i'm working with here. Couple the "large" crew with University work load and you'll find that each episode will be pushed out slower than feces from a constipated cow; but i'll try my best to have the episodes done in a timely manner.

Just in case you're a lame-o reading this and you haven't yet seen the first 3 (out of four) parts, here's a list of all of them: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3

You can subscribe to my channel (user name kshep92) for more vids.

Now I know that this was supposed to be a feature film project back in 2006 but I decided to keep its charm by splitting it up into manageable mini-series denominations. That's for anybody wondering what ever happened to that project I was working on last yr.

I do, however have another feature film Idea (that cannot be converted to a mini-series) that I am beginning production for; It's called "YOUth". I'll give you more details on that as soon as things start progressing. To all my Minimum Pleasure movie cast members: your roles have been converted to this new project, so don't worry - all your sacrifices are not going in vain.

Look i'm kind of in a hurry here, my MSN windows in the task bar are going frickin' crazy!

If after viewing those Minimum Pleasure videos, you or anybody you know are interested in assisting with the project (camera work, acting, equipment loans (not rentals!) ) then send an email to I'll get back 2 you on it as soon as possible.

Minimum Pleasure: Season 2
- More Pain, Less Pleasure. Coming Soon... or you could have just read the poster :P

Hope you enjoy!
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