Friday, December 22, 2006

Season's Greetings!!!

Well it's that time of year again; the holiday hawk is once again ready to swoop down and snatch the limp bodies of the cold, lonely and video game obsessed. He's not getting my ass this year though! HA! You know why? 'Cause I got myself a woman... and a brand new copy of Splinter Cell: Double Agent. If he does come looking for me, his ass ain't finding shit because I learned how to blend seamlessly into the shadows from playing that game... wait, do birds have night vision though? Damn...


As far as my Christmas list goes, its as blank as my Chemistry answer booklet. I don't want anything particularly, though I know people are still going to buy stuff for me. Don't get me wrong though, I'm grateful for all gifts, but because I don't want any gifts, I'm less compelled to buy gifts for other people; but the look they give you after they hand me my present is so damn uncomfortable: They give you the gift and stand there with their mouth slightly open in the shape of the last syllable they uttered, and their eyes are all googley and dinner-plate-ish waiting for you to give them something in return. It makes me feel bad to say: "What?... Or! Shit boy, I en have nothing for you nah, but do worry we go link a scene in a timin' "

Note: Use of my local dialect is a cheap ploy to show that they have my word as a Trinidadian that their gesture of consideration will not go unnoticed.

Yeah, so the fact that I posses nothing tangible to exchange with them is a little bit "weird" for me.

All this talk about me not wanting anything though, I know that when Christmas morning comes I'm gonna want to see something in that couch (poor people don't know nothing about no Christmas tree).
You know what else is gonna be awkward? When my friends call me and ask what did I get for Christmas and I'll say "nothing", then I'm gonna have to state (every single time) that I didn't
want anything for Christmas to not make it sound like I'm seeing hard times with money because then they'll all put up and buy something for me and I'll feel like a Charity case.

Not many people know this about me but I'd rather tighten my belt than ask for help, and when people do me favors, it kinda bothers me... though sometimes I do get some kick-ass favors (aside from the sexual ones lol.)

Well... apart from my gift situation and the escape from the holiday hawk, things are pretty much mellow.

The Internet is settling down drastically as the web's most talented technologically savvy authors are curing their carpal tunnel syndrome to get ready for 2007's onslaught of gaming goodness. Next year is going to be like 2004 for games: A lot of big releases and high expectations, innovative game play, graphical beauty contests and a lot of fan boy forum speculation flares are all on the platter for the big '07.

Too bad all that's so far away though, because right now I'm just dying for some speculation juices to start flowing through the veins of Afterdawn, Revision3 and G4's forums.

In an attempt to change my luck with the infrequent updates of gaming news, I sat at my computer tonight, not in the usual tighty whities, but in a full-length track pants... my tactic didn't work that well as my inbox was littered with information only about Microsoft's XNA, Robotics Studio 1.0 and Office 2007 system. I didn't even get anything about Windows Vista for cryin' out loud. it's that bad.

Gamespy, IGN, G4, Gamespot and just about everybody else had their pick for game of the year so in actuality, there is no real game of the year... So I'm just as confused as to what to download as the other guy.

Wait one fuckin minute! How the hell did the entry reach to this topic? Well I know one Kevin Sheppard who's not backspacing all off that text, so read up to this point and relate to my self-inflicted fury and confusion.

Merry Christmas everybody!
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