Friday, December 15, 2006


Coming to think of it, the interjection that is the title of this entry, is a little bit unnecessary for this one since my pleasant experiences only encompass about, say, 2-3 lines of crap... We'll start with the good crap first then dig our way farther down into the shit hole.

The weekend is finally upon me! Today marks the (technical) end of my examination period. Yes, while all you little rats were suckling on the tit of secondary school education and enjoying the benefits of an early vacation, I was losing sleep, slaving over a hot text book. The numbers, facts and formulas singed my face during the wee hours of the morning while you were all snuggled under your covers, the same covers that shielded you from the same devious Christmas breeze that numbed the nerves on my back as I sat half naked by an open window. I hate you all!


What a day to end a week though- 4 hrs and 50 mins. with your girlfriend during an exam is too much to ask for, but I got it anyway :P

Every time I see her, it's like I'm falling in love all over again; But every time I see her again though, I get the rise of that old familiar sinking feeling - that all the past incidental memories trail behind her, like the train of a wedding gown made by the embodiment sadness itself. That's between me and her though...

I spent some time today just chilling out, relaxing, saying dumb crap (as they say) and basically basking in the ambiance of her company. Did I ever tell you that she's a really good listener?

The lime with her today was good, no complaints really.

That's it for the good part of the week.

The rest of days were less than satisfactory and my exam performance followed suit. My Mathematics and Computer exams were done really well, Physics was myeeeaaaaahh (when you say that last word, do the thing with your hand where you put it out flat and tilt it from side to side) and I shat all over Chemistry. Whoever invented the subject would be turning over in their grave if they saw the kind of things I wrote.

The answer sheet was basically returned as markless as it was issued. The multiple choice was a series of random shadings - I think I tried to make a smiley face or something. The structured section was littered with broken explanations and common sense workings, for example C11O3 isn't really a chemical is it? No? Well that was one of my answers. I suppose it could be a new type of drug...

Physics was sort of OK since I had basic understanding of all the principles to be applied, but the questions were a lot harder than I expected. Fuck it yes, a grade B is still good.

So that's how my exams went...

My week, as I said, followed suit: Restless and miserable. Too many situations to deal with, expectations too high to meet, repressed memories surfaced but were repressed once more.

My body is worn, my mind is a clogged exhaust pipe and my emotional processors are overworked.

This next week is where I take a little time, a little time to think things over and get all these feelings out. I'm too young to go through this kind of stress. I need this coming week more than anybody can imagine.

A few days with God and myself should make this week (in particular) a bitter/sweet memory.

Mourn me not, for I shall return... eventually
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