Monday, November 05, 2007

I Rocked the Vote, Baby!!

At 2:30 in the pm, I entered the La Puerta Gov't school a boy and left... a man! Yes fine people of the country, I rocked the vote this year around (no longer a voting virgin) and I got my ink to prove it:

Look at that hot red finger... and the dude it belongs to lol

Anyway, I got my ink and whatnot, went about my day as normal. I "Put d X by the balisier" lol (Though my X came out sideways because I held the stamp the wrong way (pathetic, but they better has count it!) Oh yes, so the polls deviginized me once and for all, now I can officailly be among those grumpy old men in the barber shop that argue about all this... politics.

That's all our fingers (mine, mom, sister). My mother had to be the ridiculous one and dip her finger in the ink tub until it reached the bottom. For my sister and me on the other had, the Elections Clerk had to tell us not to fear the ink.

So that's one problem solved, the other is how i'm going to get this damn ink off... looks like nail polish.

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