Sunday, July 08, 2007

I beat the System!!1

Finally Hi5!! Cower at my rapid clickery! Below is a picture that most will covet until the skies turn red -- a clean Hi5 inbox. you heard me, no messages, 0, zilch!! Hoo-haa. Thanks to Half-Life 2, my trigger finger is now something to talk about... actually my fingers are good for more than just clicking... *wink, wink, nudge, nudge say no more. Just ask the police officer who gave me that ticket this morning for "Obscenities against law officials" psht! Yeah right, like that's a law!

The words in the red circle are words that only a skillful and dedicated few (like myself) have had the pleasure of seeing. The words in the blue circle are nothing more than Hi5's way of saying "No please stay, please don't leave, you have much work to do my pet!" Yeah I would have stayed and poked around but the site is shot full of those fucking Google ads. Dammit!!! If i have to sit there and watch those stink ads all the time then I think that I should be entitled to a free blowjob for every one I manage to *accidentally glimpse at (and I have big eyes with 20/20 vision ;))
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