Thursday, March 08, 2007


As the title may have suggested to you, there's nothing really interesting about this entry - just a little check-up to pass the time until something good starts on TV. So how would I describe today? It was... myeah... a little interesting yet overly regular, like watching a fast forwarded video of water turning to ice. Well I got up this morning (late) and did a little carbon copying with my physics assignment - so much copying that i didn't care what the numbers meant after a while, all that mattered was getting to the next line (Thanks D., you saved my skin from the dreaded zero mark.) Now don't look to wag that shame finger at me, I know what I'm doing... copying :P

By about half past nine the assignment was done and I spent the next 15 minutes looking for a GTA Vice City Stories NTSC torrent. While doing that though, I felt common sense and it's distant cousin, academia, tapping me on my shoulder and whisp
ering their beings into my ear, so I picked up the phone and phoned my College Correspondent to find out what time classes were starting. She said that the lecturer just walked in. I peeled myself off of my computer chair, did the normal cleansing routine and dressed for school.

While slipping into my new ridiculously comfortable underwear, I noticed one of my favorite shows - Brainiac - going on, so I stopped to watched and learn that the world's greatest dart player is eight times better than the average one... fascinating (Keep in mind that this is 20 mins past 10 - class started 20 mins ago).

Feeling contented with my new found knowledge, I rushed down the street to get a taxi. Within rwo minutes, my ass was half immersed in the sewage leak that is this country's public transportation system. The ride was
normal, but the music was awful! It was so bad that when I reached my destination, I felt like I was paying the driver to let me out rather than rewarding him for his service. While traversing to the Wrightson Rd. taxi stand, I caught a glimpse of the sexier side of the country's labor force who were rooted in the same quagmire of tardiness as I was - thank goodness for dysfunctional alarm clocks and black laziness...

So I'm on my next taxi stand and gettin a taxi, again, was easy enough except for one little twist. Now this is something that is so strange, yet so ordinary; so coincidental that the circumstance had to be the bastard child of fate and probability; so shocking that I went through all the stages of emotional and physical shock and reverted to my normal state within seconds - I saw my girldfriend's mom! DUN DUN DUN!!! (OK maybe that was a little too much hype and
yes, the lady does live in the country and in the vicinity but it really was a shocker for me). Ok so being the gentleman that I am, I held the door for her and let her get in. I sat next to her and exchanged regular greetings, but I know that this was going to be one long-ass ride. N.M.B. (NOTA MUY BIEN!!) I have nothing against this woman and I don't *think* that she has anything against me but just the other day, me and her daughter (my girlfriend) had an argument on a RATHER touchy topic and it happened to reach into the supreme court of her motherly council. What the actual issue is i'm too ashamed to say on such a public medium but I can emphasize the sensitivity of the matter - think salt on an open wound...

So we're in the car, her expression - Italian nun, mine - dog on a busy highway. She's sitting right next to me and I can sense a great disturbance in the atmosphere, something eerie and more deadly than the fumes from the Semi driving alongside. I did try to speak to her, make "taxi conversation" to pass the time we'll be spending in the bumper to bumper traffic, but every string of words that came out of my mouth was a sentence more incoherent and further disjointed from the last - I felt like I was in the lion's den with Daniel, but there was only one lion, Da
niel used the emergency exit and God was listening to the latest Kirk Franklin album on his iPod - in other words, screwed.

My eyes twitched nervously in their sockets ans I tried to fish out conversation topics from the panning scenery but the best that I could come up with was asking questions about stuff I really should be knowing as a citizen of Trinidad, but didn't care about. I'm sure she was probably normal and shoving me through the window was the furthest thing from her mind but paranoia is what keeps negros alive. I played my cards right and found sick comfort in the uncomfortable silence until she reached her destination and got out. So, I lived.

School was as you would expect. I did reach late for the class, but all I seemed to miss was a digram and about two paragraphs of notes; I did make it up in the second hour though. What was strange and somewhat
disheartening was that all the female teachers seemed a little cold today, especially the one that i'm interested in. Her responses seemed hollow and tormented... was it because she saw my status on Hi5? It can't be! My ex-computer teacher however, seemed to be in one of her usual bad moods, no harm no foul. I took her down-in-the-throat greetings and just threw them into my bin of Never Mind. Had some lunch, had some laughs, did some work - that was school.

Sorry guys, the trip home was pretty average.

When I got home though, the day was middle aged, so I took the time to sit and reflect. I came up with this saying: "When times get you down, beating yourself up won't get you back up"


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