Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Productive Unproductivity

As a programmer, you learn to set deadlines for yourself - progress checkpoints along a timeline of activities that will eventually result in the completion of the application you've been assigned to create. As a programmer who went to one of the top computer science schools in the country and is now the only person in the history of that school to finish their software engineering degree in a year, you set deadlines that are to the average person highly unrealistic, but to you are a shoulder badge of confidence in your triple-A, hot shot programming skillz.

Unfortunately this confidence is the source of your frustrations as you will find that the deadline for that multi-faceted, highly featured business web application is closing in and you realize that you've spent an entire day trying to find out why the jQuery.post() function isn't receiving JSON information from your PHP script on the login page.

With just a few days left to finish this app, and a myriad of other documents, reports and meetings to tackle, this is going to be one interesting week.

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